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Company News >> Happy New Year and Best Wishes to All of Our Partners in the Year of 2021(25th,Feb.2021)

Dear all friends,

Looking back to the year of 2020, we have gone through much more than we had expected. Because of Covid-19 disease, we met with different and difficult situations in the whole year. The constant raised prices, lack of suitable resources, the delay of shipment schedule, and soaring shipment costs, All these factors have made it an extraordinary year. Nevertheless, we did all we can with our partners to make it through. We share shipment cost with our partners, and we are trying our best to keep stock for long time until shipment cost becomes better since we know we are the one in this white war. Now, situation has become a little better, but we shall keep cautious of all adverse factors, and achieve win-win with our partners in this great new year of Oxen.


No matter where you are from, and no matter what quantity you are asking for, we shall try our best to achieve your goal with all our advantages in our market.


Looking forward to hearing from you in this great new year of Oxen!

Yours Sincerely


Endless Power Team

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